How does Rhodium stack up against a high-end DAC?

By Daniel Wiggins February 25, 2022

Rhodium vs. AudioQuest Dragonfly Black: a quick showdown

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Why Direct Drivers are better than Balanced Armatures

By Daniel Wiggins October 03, 2020

Posted in Audio, headphones ,Waterfall

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Why no mics on cables?

By Daniel Wiggins August 03, 2020

So, we get asked a LOT about why we do not put mics and triple buttons on our cables.  The simple fact is - because it degrades the sound quality! ...

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Building a Headphone Test Chamber

By Daniel Wiggins May 18, 2020

We thought this might be fun to read - how we built a small test chamber for making headphone measurements. With all things measured, it's not just...

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How we build our IEMs

By Daniel Wiggins May 05, 2020

Curious about how we build our award-winning IEMs?  Well, here's your peek behind the scenes!

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