• Rhodium DAC

    "I just feel the Rhodium is more organic, effortless, and emotional. Piano and drums just sound more realistic to my ears. It just has more color to the music. Bass also has wonderful rumble, gradient, and punch. It’s tight and has plenty of slam. The Red has a more glassy sheen on the bass".

  • Nickel

    "The Nickel delivers and performs in a way that you wouldn’t expect from an amplifier this size.
    With a low noise floor, zero interference and plenty of power the Ni surprises with an impressive level of punch, deep impactful bass that is both tight and accurate".

  • Carbon

    "Periodic Audio's attention to detail translates to the audio experience, as you might expect. Plugging in and listening to music with the Carbon IEMs is, simply put, outstanding. No matter what music you turn to, it sounds excellent, pushing me towards the end of my list of superlatives".

  • Rhodium Dac

    "It has one of the lowest power draws of all dac/amps, and it will be the perfect partner for long trips, especially if you don't have access to power, and want to enjoy your music for long hours."

  • Digital Slang


  • Septien Patterson

    Titanium and Rhodium DAC

  • The Bionic Scoop


  • Dan Tanna


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