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Earbuds aren't sexy.  But they are crucial to the in-ear headphone experience.  Without quality earbuds, your sonic experience is compromised.

At Periodic Audio, we make our own earbuds.  We designed the form to cover 95% of all ear canals with just 3 models.  We chose Dow Corning medical grade silicone.  we use reinforced collars to maintain a tight grip.  And we ensured they are comfortable to wear for hours on end.

If you want the same, great quality earbud you received with your first pair of Periodic Audio IEMs, now you can order replacement sets.  Conveniently packaged 8 to a set, this provides a full year's worth of new tips (changed out every 3 months).  All styles (single flange, dual flange, and foam), all sizes (small, medium, large)

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